Full season membership is at it's max! However, we still have Half Season memberships available! We are the most affordable, chemical-free CSA in The Winchester Area! 


Note: Half season memberships are still available for the 2020 season (July 26-October 4th) and the membership can be downloaded from the tab located at the top right hand section of the website. Call or email anytime to reserve your spot today! 


Willow Grove Farm and Farmer, Mike Smith, will be offering

Community Sponsored Agricultural

shares (CSA) to local residents for the fifth year!
Our farm is located on Merrimans Lane,

adjacent to White's Lake, and will feature over

50 varieties of heirloom and GMO-free vegetables.

In alignment with our values to support the vibrancy of Winchester and care for

the Earth, our farm will prohibit the use of toxic chemicals.

We use beyond-organic farming practices to build healthy soils and grow nutrient-dense

vegetables that support the body's natural healing abilities, and create a

resilient foundation for human health.

We are the ONLY chemical-free CSA and large scale produce operation in Winchester, Virginia that does not use harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. 

We invite you to join us as we help grow

a sustainable future for our community.

Welcome friends and families of Winchester, Virginia and the surrounding area!