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   1st Generation, Chemical-Free Farmer

Mike Smith grew up in a conventional farming community in southern Virginia where he witnessed from an early age the detrimental impact of mono-culture crops on farmers and the environment.

While studying at The College of William and Mary, he discovered the fundamental connections between soil, health, nutrition, and human health. This realization changed the course of his education and career. Moved by a deep desire to make the world a healthier place, he decided to dedicate his life to the mastery of sustainable agriculture. 

Since then, he has successfully grown tens of thousands of pounds of nutrient dense produce . 


Our produce is grown from GMO-free seeds and without the use of toxic chemicals. While our CSA is not "certified organic", we pledge to meet or exceed those of industrial organic farms



  What makes our produce different?



We focus on mineralizing the soil and plants,  which increases disease and pest resistance. Our produce also has a substantially higher nutritional density on average than what you would purchase at the grocery store.


This means you are getting more out of what you eat, making you healthier and allowing for a much more flavorful product.


We use a broad spectrum of beneficial microbes, raw earth minerals, and plant extracts.


Our mission is to provide you with the healthiest, cleanest, most nutritionally dense produce in the valley!

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