Mike Smith grew up in a conventional farming community in southern Virginia where he witnessed from an early age the detrimental impact of mono-culture crops on farmers and the environment. While studying pre-medicine at The College of William and Mary, he discovered the fundamental connections between soil health, nutrition, and human health. This realization changed the course of his education and career. Moved by a deep desire to make the world a brighter place, he decided to dedicate his life to the mastery of sustainable agriculture.

Since then, he has successfully grown tens of thousands of pounds of nutrient-dense produce over the course of four growing seasons. As a solofarmer, he cultivated three acres without the use of toxic chemicals and sold his produce

at various farmers' markets throughout Northern Virginia. In 2016 he chose to partner with Willow Grove Farm and the White family to bring sustainable agriculture closer to downtown Winchester so residents could develop a more intimate connection with their food. It is his goal to share his love for sustainable agriculture, spread abundance, and nourish vibrant health throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

Mike Smith, the Farmer