How Our CSA Works


Our CSA season extends 22 weeks for Farm Pickup from

May 10th to October 4th.

Each week, your share will include at least four to seven varieties of our freshest produce. 

You will experience over 50 varieties of vegetables and herbs over the course of the CSA season.


Pick up at our farm is every Sunday between 10am-1pm .

We are located at 760 Merriman’s Lane, which is less than a 10 minute drive from downtown Winchester, Virginia.

Our Food is Medicine


Our produce is grown from GMO-free seeds and without the use of toxic chemicals.

While our CSA is not "certified organic," we pledge that our farming practices meet or exceed those of industrial organic farms. We use

Earth-enhancing soil ammendments that vitalize the microbiome to improve fertility. We apply our ammendments consciously to prevent

nitrogenous runoff that pollute our waterways.In lieu of hormone-disrupting herbicides, we limit the spread of colonizing plants (often referred to

as "weeds") through the use of plant density and ground covers. We forbid the use of neurotoxic insecticides. Instead, we manage healthy insect populations with companion planting and by providing habitat to predatory insects that naturally reduce pests.Our care of the Earth -- from soil

to plant to you -- ensures that you are receiving farmaceutical grade food that supports your body's natural healing abilities.


Why CSA?


CSA is an economic model that builds relationships between members like you and the people who produce your food. By providing your

financial contribution upfront, you support investment in infrastructure, seeds, and soil amendments before the start of the growing season. This

allows your farmer to plan expenses, extend the growing season, and avoid debt. It also allows your farmer to focus on what matters most:

producing the highest quality food for you and your family.In gratitude of your partnership, CSA members also receive special benefits.


For more information please see Become a Member. 


How Our CSA Works