Our Agreements


We acknowledge that all of us are an integral part of each other’s lives. It is therefore our commitment to you to uphold the following



  • We agree to uphold integrity and transparency

  •  We agree to prohibit the use of toxic or potentially toxic chemicals

  •  We agree to farming practices that build healthy soils and promote biodiversity

A Final Thought


We celebrate your choice to join the Willow Grove Farm CSA! We look forward to expanding our offerings this year, and we invite you to contact us if you are interested in becoming a more integral part of the Shenandoah Valley's sustainable and nourishing future.



Mike Smith, Owner of Willow Grove Farm CSA and Shenandoah Valley Produce LLC

Your Agreements


In order to facilitate our service to you, we ask you to commit to the following agreements:


  • Payment will be received in full before the first week of the CSA (May 12th) 

  • A 2-week bye will be allowed to the farmer during the CSA season in case of severe weather damage or failed crop (to  the best of our

  • ability the season would be extended by 2 weeks to compensate members)

  • You are responsible for picking up your weekly share, if a friend or relative will be designated, you will notify the CSA by  email with at

  • least 24 hour notice

  • Unclaimed shares will be donated to local food banks


Member Benefits


*As recognition for joining, your weekly share will contain an abundance of seasonal produce at better than retail value. Weekly surpluses will be offered at a  20%-50% discount to CSA members. 

*Your weekly email will include farm updates, previews of each week’s produce, nutritional facts about your food, and cooking tips.